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Change Your Fuel.  Change the World.

By producing and using alternative fuels for our vehicles, whether for commercial transport, municipal buses or personal cars and trucks, we can all contribute to a cleaner environment!


Why make the change to domestically produced biofuels? 
In addition to the growing importance of reducing our dependency on foreign oil, there are tremendous benefits to using proven alternative fuels that deliver performance and significantly improved air quality.

Biodiesel Benefits by the Numbers
How much impact can biodiesel have on the environment?  Below is an example of reduced emissions that would result if 1 million gallons of biodiesel fuel were to replace regular diesel (petrodiesel) fuel in vehicles in the metro Phoenix area.

Average Change







Percent Reductions







Pounds of Emission Reduction







PM = Particulate Matter; HC = Hydrocarbons; CO = Carbon Monoxide; NOx = Nitrogen Oxides; SO2 = Sulfur Dioxide

Biodiesel provides a life cycle emissions reduction of 78% compared to petrodiesel.   When carbon (with a molecular weight of 12) and hydrogen based fuel is burned (whether in an engine or otherwise) it combines with oxygen (molecular weight of 16) to make carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20). So, CO2 (molecular weight 44) is more than three times the molecular weight of carbon (12).

However, there’s more to the story.  Most of us don’t realize that nearly all the material given off by any vehicle is CO2 and water—the regulated emissions are only a very small fraction of the exhaust gases coming out the tailpipe. 
For example, if the exhaust particulates coming from an engine measure 0.1 grams, the CO2 would measure around 650 grams. So when you combine these factors, and the fact that biodiesel takes up, or uses, CO2 when it is produced and provides a 78% life cycle reduction in CO2, resulting carbon dioxide reductions from biodiesel use are very large – and very beneficial.

  By improving the quality of our air, we improve the quality of life for ourselves and our children.  
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